RED BUD at the Royal Court (London)

"...a confident debut by Isabel Ellison" - Michael Coveney in What'

" ...a highly promising debut from Isabel Ellison as the outspoken arm-candy" - Charles Spencer in The Telegraph 

"...Peter McDonald as the tortured Greg and Isabel Ellison as the teenage outsider impress" -Michael Billington in The Guardian

THE CHILDREN'S HOUR at the Comedy Theatre (London)

Featured Interview with the London Evening Standard

“Fresh out of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Isabel Ellison, 20, exudes witty intelligence. Do you want my star sign?' she asks sarcastically, already getting into character as the eldest, chippiest pupil. No, but we do want to know what brought a girl from Boulder, Colorado, to London to train as an actor. The first audition was in New York. Then I flew to London for a recall with Patsy Rodenburg and Christian Burgess. It wasn't like any other audition. They didn't just hear you and say, "Great, thank you, goodbye." They said, "No, that sucks, do it again." I learned so much even then.'

Her father was a farm boy from West Virginia who went to Yale and became a chemistry professor; her New York-born mother graduated in chemistry from Caltech and is now a patent attorney. So they know all about following your dreams even if it takes you across the world.'

Since graduating, Isabel has already appeared at the Royal Court in Red Bud, a new play by Brett Neveu. She is passionate about The Children's Hour, recognising the homophobia it depicts. It's a problem that continues in Bible-belt America, even today. Some people are proud of their ignorance and some Mormon families hate gays. I went to school with people like that. I know someone whose parents took him
to jail because he had a boyfriend.'

Although she loves going home and surprising her family (At Thanksgiving, I emailed my mother from the airport, pretending to be in London. Then my dad picked me up. It was just great'), Isabel is now based in Kentish Town. A hardy type, she grew up hiking with her family's rescue beagles, Mavis and Jaxon, and, as a keen soccer player, she loved Keira Knightley's performance in Bend It Like Beckham.” - Pip Clements

an inspector calls (chicago)

"Isabel Ellison, a young British actress whose superb performance really drives this production, captures this crucial distinction better than anyone, hammering away at her parents and embodying a generation that would go on to fight for the vote and so much else. She brings out the best in Greg Matthew Anderson, who is playing her initially complacent fiancé." - Chris Jones in the Chicago Tribune

MIles away (chicago)

"Ellison morphs from a childish malcontent into a seasoned and cagey reader of people, sizing up this J. Crew catalog of a man who seems too good to be true. The play feels alive for the first time. Suddenly this young woman has dimension. And agency. She's actively thinking, not just reacting. And you're not sure how any of this is going to go down.

People are like this — very savvy in one area of their lives, absolutely terrible in others. The contrast, in Ellison's hands, is wittily and sharply wrought," - Nina Metz in the Chicago Tribune