Isabel Ellison & Precariat Productions present "Skin Deep/Skin Tight" by Kymbali Craig / by Isabel Ellison

Kymbali Craig

Kymbali Craig

PRECARIAT PRODUCTIONS & Isabel Ellison are proud to announce "Skin Deep/Skin Tight" by Kymbali Craig as part of THE SPARK | THE WALL | THE ESCAPE.  A graphic prose poem in motion, "Skin Deep/Skin Tight" examines how the after effects of racism, the demise of the Civil Rights Movement, the conditions of economic inequality and the destruction of Hip Hop affects poor urban communities.

Primarily Black American Males.

The recent cases of conflict with authority occurring across the country forces us to take a deeper look at racial tension and the issues with police in poor urban communities. It also creates an opportunity for us as a nation, to find more ways to develop discussions and solutions that address the Stand your Ground Law, Stop and Frisk, the high rate of Blacks and Latinos within the Prison Industrial Complex, Gentrification blazing thru urban impoverished communities and the reality that despite the election and re-election of a Black president, race still remains a dominant problem in American society.

Samuel Encarnación

Samuel Encarnación

Performed by a dynamic and thrilling performer, Samuel Encarnación, "Skin Deep/Skin Tight" is an artistic depiction of how the painful reality of race tightly confines some Black and Latinos into spaces, that leave them with little or no room to breathe, dream, create or just be. Encarnación brings heartbreaking eloquence and ferocious passion to Kymabli Craig's indelible poetic imagery.

With "Skin Deep/Skin Tight", Kymbali Craig explores the history and coping mechanisms of racial inequality. A tribute to her Father, the Mis-Educated Negro but a highly self-educated black man, to The Invisible Men, The Black Boys, The Native Sons and to all the folks who are still in the struggle, striving and surviving thru it all and again to all the black men she holds dear to her heart!

Skin Deep/Skin Tight, is a voice of revolution filled with empathy, history and compassion for the human condition.

Skin Deep/Skin Tight


April 8th at 7:30 | Tickets $15

Alchemical Studios, 104 West 14th Street, Manhattan 10011