Isabel Ellison has been cast as Stella Kowalski in an immersive new staging of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, which features a Genderqueer actor in the iconic role of Blanche DuBois.

Photo by Rosie Soko.

Photo by Rosie Soko.

Set in the sultry and sweltering 1940's French Quarter of New Orleans, this production invites audiences directly into the Kowalski apartment for a beer and some whiskey, where young couple Stanley and Stella Kowalski are joined for the summer by Stella's damaged, fading debutante sister, Blanche DuBois. 

        This production explores the diversity of the New Orleans that Williams painted by featuring a GNC/genderqueer actor in the iconic role of Blanche. We aim to highlight the themes of racism, classism, sexism, and sexual violence inherent in the text and explore the piece as a stripped down, emotionally raw, knock down, drag out battle for power. In a play that famously pins the all American, blue-blooded working class alpha male Stanley Kowalski against the soft, feminine, vulnerable, privileged beauty Blanche DuBois, we hope to create an immersive theatrical experience that speaks to the divided state of the world today and invites audiences into an experience they'll never forget.

Tickets go on sale in February! Follow us on social media & check out our website here


Russell Peck* as Blanche DuBois

Max Carpenter* as Stanley Kowalski

Isabel Ellison* as Stella Kowalski

*Actors appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity

A Streetcar Named Desire is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.

FOR MARTA - Available Now on Vimeo VOD by Isabel Ellison


FOR MARTA is now available for purchase on Vimeo VOD!

The hit indie short film, written by and starring Isabel Ellison, is now available on Vimeo. The film centers on Marta (played by Ellison), a young writer whose sister Alice commits suicide by jumping out a window. The film follows Marta, and Alice’s ex-boyfriend Sam (played by Franco Gonzalez) through the next 24 hours as they grapple with her death. Marta has written a memoir about Alice’s long battle with depression, and has to decide whether or not to read excerpts of it in public. Meanwhile Sam has not spoken to Alice in years, and deals with the wreckage of their fraught relationship. Director Ryan Guiterman navigates the dark territory of suicide with extreme pathos and grace. Franco Gonzalez (Hulu’s THE FIRST) turns in a quietly beautiful performance as Sam, and Isabel Ellison offers an astounding first foray into screenwriting and a heartbreaking performance to match.

The film screened at the prestigious Lighthouse International Film Festival, the Bucharest Film Awards, the New York Short Film Festival and it was also a finalist for the Katra Film Series.

$3.99 | Genre: Drama, Short | Runtime: 19 minutes | English Closed-Captioning available

Isabel Ellison & PRECARIAT PRODUCTIONS are proud to announce "Empanada for a Dream" by Juan Francisco Villa as part of THE SPARK | THE WALL | THE ESCAPE by Isabel Ellison

Juan Francisco Villa

Juan Francisco Villa

EMPANADA FOR A DREAM is a poignant and entertaining portrait of family and neighborhood – set against the secret that destroys it all.  It’s a haunting tale about growing up by getting out. And coming back -- to one boy’s Lower East Side.

Empanada for a Dream transports the audience to Allen Street, in New York’s Lower East Side, everybody’s blasting music – bacchata, merengue and salsa. Everybody’s cooking – plantains, arapas, and empanadas. Boys play baseball and football on the street while the most beautiful girl watches from a window. In his living memoir Juan Francisco Villa uncovers the treasures of his family’s dark legacy. 


"When portraying himself, current or former, in the piece, Villa’s voice fluctuates from little kid enthusiasm to a quiet solemnity. He assumes the personas of real-life characters from his ‘hood with the gusto of performers like Anna Deavere Smith, transforming himself in body and voice.... What might, in another production, feel like transitions, here are executed so well, with the help of director Alex Levy...they read as pitch-perfect shifts in tone and tempo. Never taking us out of the story, they instead draw us in, eager to see where we’re going and who we’ll meet next."

-Olivia Jane Smith, New York Theatre Review

"The undoubted highlight of the festival is Juan Francisco Villa's 'Empanada for a Dream.' If John Leguizamo's 'Freak' had a body count, it would be a bit like Villa's harsh, but often quite funny and touching portrait of his Colombian family on the Lower East Side, whose love of food, music and celebration covered up its roots in drug-related violent crime on a horrifying scale. Villa's anguish at his family's evolution from 'bettering each other to bettering themselves' is at the heart of our current, but evergreen, national debates about what it means to be American and how much responsibility we owe to each other. It's a solo that connects with a wide gallery of characters and concerns, and it deserves a longer outing after Yo Solo wraps" 

-Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

Empanada for a Dream


The Alchemical Studios on April 8th at 7:30pm

104 West 14th Street, Manhattan 10011

Tickets $15 | www.precariatproductions.com  

Thanks Katra Film Festival by Isabel Ellison

HUGE thanks to the Katra Film Festival for having us last night and for screening FOR MARTA! It was a wonderful night-lots of incredible films and good fun all-round. And don't we spiff up nicely?  

Precariat Productions Launched by Isabel Ellison

On January 15, 2017 Ryan Guiterman and I formed Precariat Productions. An indie production company, Precariat will produce Ryan's forth-coming horror film An Illustration of Hell, and a web-series that I am co-writing called Unspoken. We aim to create interesting and bold content in an unpredictable social and economic climate. Check us out here!